August 23, 2019
Angela shows at the 44th Annual "Sculpture in the Park"

Each year since 1985, during the second weekend in August, Loveland, Colorado, hosts the country’s largest outdoor juried sculpture show.

This year was Angela’s 13th consecutive year to be a Sculpture in the Park participant at Benson Sculpture Garden. Collectors and friends, new and old, enjoyed catching up with Angela and seeing what new pieces she had to share.

Being able to work in what I love is truly one of the greatest joys in life. Sculpting fills my heart. One of the greatest joys of my work is the relationships that I have been able to develop with my clients. We become real and long-lasting friends. When I create a sculpture, I have a story or a message that I want the sculpture to convey. As soon as the sculpture is taken into the heart and into the home of someone else, however, it becomes her or his story. A beautiful bridge of humanity is created in this way, from the artist to the recipient of the art and back. Angela

From Collectors:

I feel quite lucky to have discovered your work and to have met you. If your goal is to inspire, you have certainly succeeded with me! Thomas McNeely

The expression and life in your work is a powerful and timeless capture of the spirit! To see your work is to truly feel I know the precious child. Rebecca S. Kupay